The Team


Brittany Frey

Owner, Creator

I am the mother of 3 children, a wife, a nurse, and a fitness fanatic. I love living a healthy and positive lifestyle. My inspiration and creativity comes from a variety of places, mostly popping up in the early mornings, during naptimes, timeouts, or during a good workout.

My house is messy 90% of the time (can I get an Amen!) and the other 10% of the time is consumed with me shampooing who knows what out of my my carpet!(!!), after stepping on Legos, of course! I am obsessed with school supplies ( mainly multi-colored highlighters and Post-It notes), Scripture, peanut butter and coffee...Oh, and I am passionately in love with my Jesus.

My family has been in the tee-shirt business for 40 years, and I found there was a lack of stylish and comfortable products in the market place. Apparel that speaks life and truth and playfully reflects life as a mom. The lack of humorus, Spirit-filled apparel led me to realize I could help fill the void.

To create everyday wear which would reflect the value, power, and love promised to my children and myself, by Our Loving God. My desire is to create and produce quality clothing which remind them they are precious and made for more.

Mary Meier

Mary Meier

Director of Operations

My name is Mary and I am happily married to my high school sweetheart and best friend. We have been blessed with two amazing children, and 4 fur babies. I am so thankful to be apart of something More, Something Big, spreading the Truth and the Word of God. How awesome is that? AWESOME!! I am a big believer and love love our Father and want everyone else to know his love and grace.

My life is a story in its own and I have had Trials, Hardships,and Miracles to share. He rescued me from a dark and lonely pit when I was in my teens and I am forever greatful. My God is Love shirt is my favorite because that is the story of my marriage when I was at my lowest he showed me His love. He came in and swept me up.

Chandra Clark

Office Manager

I consider myself to be beyond blessed. Married for 21 years and mother to a new college student, I have entered the "Empty Nest" stage reflecting on all that God has provided and so looking forward to the path He has planned ahead. While I tend to be a numbers girl (which comes in handy for inventory tracking), I also have a strong creative side. In recent years, I have found a deeper connection to the Word through Bible journaling and artwork. To now be part of the team that puts a creative spin on bringing the Word to clothing has been such a joy!

Laramie Stewart:


I’m Laramie Stewart and I was born and raised in Texas. I have an amazing little family with my fiancée, Chris and our daughter Evie. We currently live in Keller, Tx. Our daughter is 7 years old going on 16! I graduated high school in 2007 and have been on the road to figuring out what to do since! I have been a waitress, daycare teacher, call center agent, and dabbled in retail. But now I have truly figured out what I love, and that is bringing people to God through tee-shirts. 

Bonnie McCall:

Shipping Manager:

Jamie Pharr

Jamie Pharr

Style Assistant

I am first a daughter of the one true king, secondly a wife and a BOY mom to 4 handsome boys, and lastly a pediatric physical therapist. I have a love for God to fill my soul, a love for exercise to relieve my stress, and a love for fashion because I am a girl in a house full of boys!

However, with 4 boys and always hustling to some practice or game cute comfortable t-shirts are a must! God luckily crossed my path early on, by no coincidence, with Brittany. Now I am blessed to have the pleasure of helping her with this fun business of spreading words of truth to others through fashionable statement tees