Brittany Frey

Owner, Creator

Hi! My name is Brit and I am the mother of 3 children, a wife, a nurse, and a fitness fanatic. I love living a healthy and positive lifestyle, but more importantly, I love sharing God's truth and his promises that we were made for more. Like so many, I grew up struggling to see my worth and find my identity as a daughter of God. I found myself giving into the lies that the world is so quick to tell instead of leaning into the grace of His truth. And in doing so, I missed the chance to live within the freedom of being called His own. Yes, the battle of self-worth is daily. But the grace and love that is at its end is so worth the fight. It is why we must constantly seek God’s truth, finding refuge in the knowledge that He chose us, He loves us, and we are all precious in His eyes. It is my hope that our quality products provide others with a unique way to hold onto these very promises. Even though I could recite every truth in our product line without effort, I still wear our tees daily to remind my own heart of who I am in Jesus and to faithfully live out the words of Romans 1:16, for I am not ashamed of the Gospel.   It is my prayer that you will be encouraged in a similar way, being filled with the immovable truth that you are His best and highest creation. So join me and the Truth Ink Family, y’all. Together, we’ll seek His face, chase His truth and run His race from now until Home.                                                                         Brittany Frey, Truth Ink Founder