• Cover Them Book

    Cover Them Book

    I am thrilled to introduce Cover Them, Bite-Size Prayers for the Busy Moms   In the fall of 2016, I began collecting and writing prayers with corresponding scriptures that I wanted to specifically pray over my children. This eventual book would be a precious gift that they would hopefully keep and treasure forever, but it was only suppose to stop there. During the writing process, I realized that the power of a mother's prayers has a definite impact and can move her children to the very heart of God. With this book, I wanted to encourage mothers everywhere to never underestimate the power o...

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  • Cover Them Canvas Tote

    Cover Them Canvas Tote

    Carry heavy things with this durable and well made canvas tote!    

  • Cover Them Giftset

    Cover Them Giftset

    Gift Set Includes: Cover Them Book Jumbo canvas "Cover Them" Tote bag journaling pen 

  • Cover Them Tee Navy

    Cover Them Tee Navy

    This prayer over your children is something so impactful, so meaningful, that having it on a tee is another great way of taking a stand in prayer over your children. This prayer is the first prayer that you will find in the book.    "I pray that my children will be strong & courageous, having no fear and knowing that the Lord is with them wherever they go."

  • Cover Them Tee

    Cover Them Tee

    "I pray that my children will be strong and courageous having NO Fear and knowing the Lord is with them wherever they go."

  • Cover Them Tee 2

    Cover Them Tee 2

    Introducing the second Cover Them tee from the prayer book, Cover Them. "I pray that my children will love the Lord with all of their hearts, souls, & mind."   ***Please note, this is a UNISEX FITTING tee. Please adjust sizing accordingly. 

  • Covered Youth Tee

    Covered Youth Tee

    Now our kids have their own Cover Them tee!  Psalm 91 is a beautiful psalm filled with promises from our great God over us and our children!    *Please note, this is a girls fitting tee, fitting true to size. Please size up/down accordingly. 

  • Covered Youth Unisex Tee

    Covered Youth Unisex Tee

    Introducing the newest kid's tee to the Cover Them collection, Psalm 91 is a beautiful scritpture all about being covered by the Lord.