You Are Not Trash

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My children and I were able to see the new Toy Story 4 over the weekend and I have to tell you it was so good! If you haven’t seen it yet, I won’t spoil it for you, however there is one new character that I think it’s significant point out. “Forky” was created by a little girl, Bonnie, out of plastic spoon and pipe cleaners (see my daughters example in pic)). “Forky”, is essentially freaked out by his newfound self.. From the moment of his creation, he continually looks for any nearby opportunity (and trash can) to jump into because he thinks that is who he is- just trash. Despite being loved so much by Bonnie, he only wants to be, literally, “garbage”. His struggle, it seems, is with his sense of purpose. Finally, after many attempts to throw himself away, Woody helps him understand his purpose . It’s to love Bonnie—love his ‘creator ‘, you might say—and to be loved in return. . . •Simply put, that’s our purpose, too: To love and be loved by the God who made us. •So many of us walk around, believing that we are ‘just trash’. That we have very little purpose or significance in this life. Is that you? If you believe that, know that that is a lie. Who told you that? Go back and uproot & demolish that lie because it’s Untrue. To love and be loved is what we were created for. . . •So, After making countless dashes to the trashcan, Forky finally comes to accept his new life as a beloved toy. He understands his purpose. Through Forky, we’re reminded of something important: The beauty of imperfection. We’re not lovable because we’re perfect. We’re lovable because we are us- and God Loves you exactly the way you are.♥️If you struggle with worth/value, Remember this: 1) You Are a Child of God 1 John 5:1, 1 John 3:10 2) God knows you by name Psalm 139:1-3 3) You are Spotless to God 1 Cor 1:8 4)God cares for You 1 Peter 5:7 5) God has a plan for You Psalm 32:8, Psalm 49:5, Jer 29:11 6) You are an Overcomer John 8:32 7) You Are Beautiful Song of Sol 4:7 8.You Are Wonderfully Made Psalm 139:14, Gen 1:27)
That is who you are. It’s the Gospel. The ultimate and great love story with Jesus bringing ‘trash’ to treasure..💛

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