Spiritual Fitness Day 22: Be Great Like David

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Happy Monday everyone!

Thank you again everyone for hanging with me in this challenge! I am so excited that you are on this challenge journey with me! Has it been hard? YEP. Have I wanted to give up at times because of lack of sleep etc etc... Yes. But you know what keeps me going? The goal of being resolute, unwavering, and determined NOT to give up because the fruit is so worth it. My desire to want to continue cheering each one of you on in your journey of spiritual fitness far outweighs my desire to quit!  So don't quit! Stay focused! Continue putting God first in all you do and see the fruits of your labor. 

"You will enjoy the fruit of your labor. How joyful and prosperous you will be!" Psalm 128:2 

{Spiritual 5}

All through psalms, no matter what David was facing, we see his outpouring of gratitude toward God.  This gratefulness was just a pat of who David was. His perspective and his attitude often carried him through the hardest situations.  David always focused on the truth of God's goodness and promises rather than focusing on the challenges.  The more we meditate on God's goodness and live in gratefulness, the more it will naturally flow out of our hearts for those who love him.  That is what can make us great like David. I want a heart like David, praising God in all situations. 

Song: Let My Soul by Gateway Worship . We were sitting in worship yesterday at church and the worship just blew me away. I felt like this particular lyric became my new anthem song, "With every breath in me, with creation I will sing, for all eternity, praise the Lord, praise the Lord." 

{Grateful 5}: Write down 5 things that you are grateful for today. DONE.


Focusing on legs today, try these moves to get your legs burning!

5x12 walking lunges (12 ea/side) 

5x12 air squats

5x10 step ups (on box)

3x45 sec plank holds


Many Blessings, 


Makin' Jesus Famous


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