I woke up early this morning, as usual , but I feel like this morning I literally sprung out of bed!  So excited to get started on Day 2 of this challenge, so encouraged and so inspired by so many of you choosing to join me, I just couldn’t wait to start fresh and new in my time with the Lord!

{5 min Spiritual time}

Today, I continued reading in the amazing book of Psalms. A little background info on the Psalms, the primary author of Psalms is David. This book is the longest book in the bible and was written during the reign of Solomon and King David.  It is included in the poetical books of the bible. As the people of Israel l sought to worship God, hymns were created to express their feelings through song, and so Psalms is a collection of praises expressing God's character and attributes. 

I began by morning by reading straight from Psalms (beginning at Psalms 1) and read through about Psalm 7.  WOW! Did I stumble across some great stuff!  Reading what King David wrote, there was so much richness in those scriptures! What stood out to me in particular were these verses; Psalm 1:1-3, “ How well God must like you- you dont hang out at Sin Saloon, you don't slink along Dead-End Road, you don’t go to Smart-Mouth College. Instead you thrill to God’s Word, you chew on Scripture day and night. You’re a tree planted in Eden, bearing fresh fruit every month, never dropping a leaf, always in blossom.”  I also loved reading in ch.3 of Psalm about King David, when he escaped for his life from his son Absalom who was trying to kill him, pleading for God to help save him from his enemies. It reads, “ God! Look! Enemies past counting! Enemies sprouting like mushrooms, mobs of them all around me, roaring their mockery; “Hah! No help for him from God!” v 3) But you, God, shield me on all sides; You ground my feet, you lift my head high; With all my might I shout up to God, His answers thunder from the holy mountain.  v5) I stretch myself out. I sleep. Then I am up again- rested, tall, and steady, Fearless before the enemy mobs coming at me at all sides.” Verse 8 goes on to declare,  "Real help comes from God. Your blessing clothes your people!" (MSG)

YES!!! I love this so much because it reminds me that when I feel like my enemies are stacked against me, I can continue looking to the Lord to cover and protect me. He keeps me grounded and guards me against my enemies. I am reminded that my real help only comes from the Lord, he clothes me with everything I will ever need. AMEN!!!

-5 Things I am grateful for I wrote down! What are yours?  

Praise Song listened to: Chris Tomlin- I will Rise

{5 min Fitness time} 

- Dancing in the living room with kids is a great exercise! Turn up the music and have fun! You'll laugh, you'll sweat, you'll create memories that you wont ever forget! 



I have two bibles that I absolutely love. I am attaching the links to them here. If you like to journal, take notes, and doodle in your bible like I do, the ESV journaling bible is a great gift for yourself!   If you are struggling a bit to get through the bible with how it reads, try the Message version!  I love it! 


ESV Journaling Bible, leather


The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language


What did you read today? Please share with us and comment below! I'd love to know!