"No's" From God Have Goodness

Today is a new day.
It will bring brand new blessings and new battles.
But within every uncertainty there is hidden possibility. So I don’t dread any challenges that come my way
Because I remember all the victories that lay behind.
My confidence is not in my circumstance.
The spirit of God is all I need.
I’m steady under pressure and I’m ready for whatever..
Because when ‘whatever’ comes my way, the outcome is
I overcome. We overcome. You overcome.
Christ is in me, I have all that I need.
I can’t afford to stay afraid or question faith. Time is not on my side.
My purpose has been made clear and He who has created me has called me, and is Faithful.
His strength in me is greater that any struggle I go through or enemy I face.
The promise of God is mine for the taking.
Faith doesn’t take fear away, it only teaches me to fight. So bring the battle on, I’m ready, because I got this.
My focus is fixed and my heart is expectant. I trust the One who’s in complete control.
The One who already knows how He’s going to work it out according to His purpose.
I keep moving, moving toward Him. God is with me and He is good. .

-Steve Furtnick 

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