Spiritual Fitness Day 15: Joy in January

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{Spiritual 5}

Have you ever thought about what the difference is between happiness and joy? I did a little research and here is what I found.

Happiness comes from the word 'hap', meaning 'chance' or 'luck'.  Happiness depends on happenstance or circumstance. Happiness is temporary, not a permanent state of being. It makes me so happy when I get my big mug of double coffee bright and early in the morning. I am happy when I discover an Amazon box with new shoes on my porch that I had forgotten I had ordered days prior. I am happy when I can fit into those skinny jeans that have been hidden in my closet for 2 years. I am happy when I can make all it to all three of my kids school events in one day without letting anyone down. . . I am happy when I can read one chapter of a book without any interruptions. I am happy when I get to go to Target by myself, with no kids in tow. 

To me, joy is about the experiences that can't be qualified by things of this world; Hearing your baby cry for the very first time after entering this world, watching your children take their very first steps, seeing your child read for the very first time. Joy is when you hear the words "I love you' from a loved one who means so much to you or when you're able to be alongside someone who is approaching their last breath, knowing that they knew the Lord before they said goodbye- that to me is joy. With joy comes peace.  Notice how non of these things actually involve material things. They are experiences, gifts, and encounters that come from relationships that we have with one another. To me, that is what joy is all about. 

 The word Paul uses in Colossians is joy.  Joy comes from the word 'grace', meaning 'a gift from the Holy Spirit'. Joy is not a result of our circumstances. Joy is everlasting, eternal. It is a feeling of wholeness and peace. 

 Colossians 1:11-12 says this, "being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience, 12 and giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to

For me, going to God’s Word is a gift that always brings encouragement. He is the source of pure joy and peace, so who better run to than Father, who has all of that to offer?  He is all about relationship, not rules. He is kind, he is patient, and He pursues our hearts because He wants to offer you that same kind joy and peace that is only found in Him. 

Is joy in the Lord something you are missing in your life? He promises us that we are His heirs- that means all that he has to offer is already ours for the taking (See Romans 8:17) . Simply ask Him to fill you up with the only kind of joy He can give.. and feel the love of the Father spill over in you. today . . 

{Journal 5}:  Journal 5 things you are grateful for today.  DONE.

{Fitness 5}: 



'Ive attached 15 Bible Verse for Joy in January!  Click HERE  if you would like to have them for your own!




Have a wonderful Monday!

Many Blessings, 


"Makin Jesus Famous"

Romans 1:16

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