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Funerals have always been very hard for me. The pain and suffering seemingly comes to a pinnacle as you stand at the foot of a grave site of a loved one. This morning, we bury my dad. I have pain, but he is no longer suffering. .
Oftentimes, we go through all sorts of trials- pain, and suffering that our brains just have a hard time processing. .
It is an Honor to be trusted with trials. It says much what God sees in you and what he wants to bring out of you. It's been said God gives his most difficult assignments to most trusted soldiers. He never lets anything ever be wasted. So if he allows you to go through something, he always has a plan for how he will use it to boost your power to come t h r o u g h it. So if you're not selfish with your pain, you will see God use it. Pain is a passport that will take you to places you have never been before.
Anytime you need to is call on the name of the Lord, just do it- He is happy to answer and He will renew your strength. .
When I don’t understand , I will still choose You. When I am hurt or suffering, I will still praise you. When I am down and out, i will still trust you. What an Honor and privilege it is to worship You.
There's power in your Name. .
We can Let God use our pain.

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