"Gym Vision" How to Avoid Comparison at the Gym

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We’ve all heard it. Comparison is the thief of joy. How true is that! Do you ever ask, how do I practically guard my heart and mind against comparison? The Bible guards against comparing ourselves to one another and says doing so is unwise. .
I just love working out. Gym workouts truly are a time of restoration physically and spiritually. I enjoy the peace, being able to put in my earbuds, listen to podcasts or worship music on the treadmill. I realized one day I was working out, how completely vulnerable I am to comparing myself to others. One day in particular, I was on the stairmill, looked up and began admiring/ comparing my body to another girl. I went from being at peace with me to feeling defeated & envious. YUCK! The Lord quickly showed me that what I call admiring was actually comparing. Because I went from simply noticing another’s’ physique, to comparing it to my own body and calling mine bad. That thinking is not healthy nor is it holy. I took this before the Lord and asked for help. He gave me what I call a ‘gym vision’. I asked him to give me the ability to experience complete and total tunnel vision with my physical eyes and peace while I’m working out. I prayed not be able to notice the physical bodies around me, or even look too much at my own body, but rather I would see with 20/20 vision & spirit. That I would be able to see others as God sees them. I asked if he would open my heart and keep me from seeing a person in the physical only, but allow me to see others spiritually. I asked the Lord to draw me to people who need prayer and cause me to instantly pray for them despite my feelings of shyness, rejection, or fear. I asked him to draw me to those who needed an encouraging word. He has certainly done this for me & I believe He can do this for you! ➡️Romans12:2|1 Timothy 4:8| Galatians 6:4-5,”Each of you must examine your own actions. Then you can be proud of your own accomplishments without comparing yourself to others.Assume your own responsibility. “💪🏼

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