Faith Features & Small Business Spotlight with Anne Watson

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Hey Anne! Please Introduce yourself! 

Hey there! It’s so nice to be joining you! My name is Anne and I am a writer, speaker, podcast host, and basically all the things. I recently started coaching Christian communicators & entrepreneurs about business, brands & marketing. It’s my pre-Jesus background and I love it! I’m a Texas transplant and live here with my hubby and our 3 adult-ish kids.

Description of company/business/and or group: Swayology is a resource for Christian communicators and small business owners. I work with clients to define their brand & business as well as develop marketing strategies to get the word out. I offer individual coaching as well as lots of helpful resources on the website, including a free download to help you craft a mission statement that will clarify your purpose. I’d love to coach you! Head to for more info.

Do you have a mission statement?

Swayology helps communicators and entrepreneurs maximize their influence through branding and marketing coaching and consulting.

We help women make a difference by sharing what they love.

What is your key bible verse, either business or personal, and why?

2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

I grew up in challenging circumstances that included severe bullying by my peers in high school. For too long I lived in fear and insecurity, convinced my ideas and dreams didn’t matter. All of that changed when I met Jesus and allowed Him to lead me. Now I am on a mission to help other women overcome their self- doubt and unapologetically chase their dreams. This verse reminds me that God has equipped us to overcome our fear, tap into our power, love ourselves and make a difference in the Kingdom.

Where do you find your inspiration? I am all about a great story! I get inspired by the stories I hear/read in books, music, podcasts, movies, and more. I believe great relationships are built on stories! It’s a bonus if the story can make me laugh.

What encouragement can you share with our readers? Your message matters! You have a story to tell and there are people in the world who will stay stuck in one place until you set them free with your message, your product, your ministry, or your skill set. Ultimately, your dream is not about you. Give up the quest for perfect, and spend as much time as you can reaching the people your story was meant to influence. You were made for this! Believe it. Trust it. Do it.

Any additional information about your company that you would like to add? Coaching isn’t worth anything if it’s not what you need! How can I help you? Jump over to this little form ( and let me know! What gaps are you seeing in the world of communication and entrepreneur support today? What is the question you’ve been too shy to ask til now? It would be my honor to create material that matters to you!

Finally, we would love to continue the cycle of celebrating others who are using their gifts to create amazing products, who do you follow and love to shop from? Each year I choose one or two people to follow religiously (No pun intended. Lol!) in order to learn their best practices. This year I am watching and learning from Rachel Hollis - a woman on a mission to help women stop apologizing for their gifts and chase their dreams. It’s the message of my heart and she’s built a multi-million dollar media company by sharing it well. I am also learning from Amy Porterfield, a guru in the area of Online Marketing. I learn a lot from her podcasts and I’ve invested in one of her courses, which has been outstanding. I follow incredible women like these to find inspiration, not imitation. It’s not about coping what someone else is doing as much as enhancing my own efforts so my mission stays on track.


Thank you so much Anne! We love hearing your story and hearing about your business!

Many Blessings, 


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