Day 50: De-Stress Your Days

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Sometimes being a mom can be super overwhelming. There. I said it. 
There are just too many things to do, so many needs to be met, so many places to be, and a dwindling supply of energy and inner peace. 

As parents, we’re conditioned to manage this stress and push it aside, and just get through the day. Eventually, however, it’s just too much and something has to give. Recently, I realized I was in a bad place and I needed to make some changes in order to get back the joy in my life. Thankfully the changes I made have made a big difference in my family and my stress level.

If you’re stressed out or perpetually overwhelmed, here are 6 things to do that can help you recover a bit.

1. Unplug.

I am a big offender in this category, but I’m working on it. Truly, if I’m stressed out, Facebook and Pinterest are probably the worse places for me to hang out. Shutting the computer and turning off the phone for a while can almost instantly take my stress level down a notch.

2. Dial back commitments.

This one is really hard. I’ve recently given up some small commitments and one very big one. It’s scary to take a step like this – who will step up if I can’t do it? Is this the right choice for my family? What will people think?

But I’ve found that when I make a decision to cut back, the relief is almost instant. If you’re in a stressful season, reducing your obligations is practically a must. If it helps, tell yourself you can always take them back on again in the future if you find the energy.

3. Get outside or get a change of scenery.

If I’m having a bad day, I’m always surprised at how much better I feel by just going outside or leaving the house. Some days I will just go take a walk at the park to clear my head or, even better, go lay down in the grass with my kids and  look up at the clouds with them. They love it and I love the quality time spent with them.


4. Ask for help.

This is so critical! I find this so difficult to do – it feels like complaining to me. But confiding that you’re overwhelmed is not complaining. Again, just admitting there’s a problem can bring some relief.

Hopefully your confidant can help you think of ways to lessen your stress or even offer to take on some of your responsibilities.

5. Make a list.

If you’re an analytical type (and even if you’re not), it may help to take an objective look at your situation. Maybe you’ll find some small changes that will have a big impact.  Plus, making a list always makes me feel better 🙂

6. Pray.

When I manage to turn off all the noise of the internet or leave the house, those are the times I naturally turn to prayer. Asking God for perfect peace is life-giving and always quiets my mind.

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