Day 6: Be Intentional

You can't expect to be a leader just because you have "Owner" on your business card. You have to be intentional in developing relationships if you want to have a positive influence to those around you.
Here are 8 ways to strengthen your leadership and running your business with intention;
1. Communicate your mission. As I mentioned on a previous Challenge Day, I regret not creating a mission and vision statement. Since I didn't have one available, there would be times that, in the busyness and very fast paced speed and growth of my business, I would lose track of why I was doing what I was doing.  When you have an unshakeable mission statement, you are able to focus on the why of your business. You able to remind yourself and review with others, the purpose of your business. You are able to give your staff a reason to come into work, other thank just for a paycheck. It adds value to your company.
2. Protect the culture. What's your company's vibe? Is it a fun and light hearted place to work or is it a scary place to work primarily because of your leadership style? I understand why people can be intimidated by me. I walk fast, I talk fast, and I am always GO GO GO. I am an intense person, I totally get it but that's another blog post!  You need to have a similar awareness. It's good to be mindful of what your employees like or dislike about your leadership style and the over culture of the company. That is even more important as your company continues to grow and you are less likely to interact with every team member one on one. 
3. Give constructive and useful feedback. As you have heard before, communication is key. In all the hustle, we as leaders sometimes forget the small things and miss out on opportunities to really connect with those who are helping us. Some tips on staying connected include; 
  • Show appreciation for hard work
  • Say thank you- Write notes of gratitude 
  • Take people to lunch/bring breakfast or lunch to them. Surprise them with Starbucks! (Nothing says I love you like a treat from Starbucks :) 
  • Don't forget to tell them 'great job!" 

4. Remember, they work with you, not for you. This is an important idea. For communicates ownership, with says 'team'.  You don't own anybody! That's important because so many people get caught up in pride and power game. Nothing good comes out of this when you think this way. When you treat people like they are apart of a team, treat them with respect, and show them great appreciation, you are earning their loyalty.
5. Take Responibility for your Actions. It's super easy to be a leader when everything is going good. A really great leader admits when they have done wrong. People are more likely to follow your leadership when you are authentic and take responsibility for mistakes. " A good leader is a person who takes a little more than his share of the blame and a little less share of the credit"- Wayne Meyer.
6. Get out of your Comfort Zone. Great leaders are open to new ideas, even from others. It's hard to progress and keep moving forward if you don't challenge yourself to try new things- even when they are uncomfortable.

7.Focus on what matters most. Stop trying to do everything. List all the things you need today, this week, and start planning, scheduling , or delegating all the other stuff that is taking away from your priorities. 
8. Be aware of your Vibe. Leadership doesn't just happen with a snap of your fingers. It happens with consistent, intentional, and unshakeable confidence that helps get you to the next level. Keep focused on where you want to take the business, stay steadfast in that direction, and take the team along with you. 
 Prayer: Whatever it takes Lord, help me to remain focused, intentional, and steadfast in what You are calling me to do. Help me to work with excellence, focusing on the relationships and the work you have entrusted to me. Amen
TI TIp: Create your mission statement, objectives and a list of key talking points that explain why you do what you do. Try to be a simple and to the point as possible.  Type it out and have it available for you to see often. 

Many Blessings, 


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