Day 38: Embrace Courage

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{Spiritual 5}

What is your biggest fear? What is something that you struggle overcoming? What is something that you need an extra dose of courage to do? 

Today, I am doing something that absolutely terrifies me (I will tell you more about that after I get through it! HA) !  I am waiting on the Lord and embracing the courage that only He brings. Of course I made a tee shirt for that ;) 

How does this verse apply to you? If there was one thing that you would do if you were 10X BOLDER, what would that be? Starting a blog? Writing a book? Going back to school? Starting a new business? Saying hello to someone that you'd like to get to know?  Think about it, write it down, and ask the Lord to give you the courage to face it today. 

Song: God With Us, Brian and Katie Torwalt

'When there was death, you brought life.

When there was fear, you brought courage

When I was afraid you brought courage

When i was afraid you were with me..

You lifted me up.. .'


{Journal 5}: Write down 5 more things in your journal that you are grateful for today.

{Fitness 5}: Working on 'no spiritual muffin tops' today :P  (AKA- ABS)

20 High knees

6 knee-to-elbow crunches

20 high knees

6 knee-to-elbow crunches

20 high knees

6 knee-to-elbow crunches

Repeat x 3, Rest 2 minutes between sets

Make it a Fantastic Friday!
Love Y'all!

Makin' Jesus Famous

Romans 1:16


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