Day 15: Be A Learner

 In business, its important to know your strengths, but it's equally important to know your weaknesses. My mama always, 'The largest room in the world is the room for improvement." John Maxwell says, "It doesn't matter how good you are right now, you're still not where you could be."  My point is, even if your IQ is way up there, there's not one person who knows it all. When you think you know it all, that's when you find yourself in trouble with pride. It's important to be humble.

Humility goes against everything we know. It's recognizing that life isn't about us all the time. We actually don't know everything. Shocking how many people I encounter who actually think this! So, what is something that will set you apart from everyone else in this world?  Humility. Be humble, serve, and put others before yourself.  Be a Learner! You are only one piece of the puzzle. When you come together with others, more parts of the puzzle are pieced together. There is a connection between learning and winning. Keep humility high and pride low. 


 'Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less." C.S. Lewis

"Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall." Proverbs 16:18

Lord, reprogram my mind and soul with your Word. Help me to remember that this life is not about me, its all about You and others.  Help me to always be a Learner and always put others first. Amen

 Blessings, Brit 

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