Bible Journaling with NeoColors

brittany frey

Part 1: Bible Journaling with NeoColors~

So, bible journaling isn’t a ‘new’ thing. Honestly, I don’t know the history of it but I do know that every since I was exposed to it, I have looked forward to my time doing and I just can’t get enough of it!  It truly has made by bible so bright, so colorful, so fun! If you are at all interested in the idea, my hope is that you will give it a try! Just start somewhere in the Word, make it a goal, just 15 minutes a day- your life will be c h a n g e d.

Today, I’ll chat quickly about one of the tools I just love using- NeoColors!  Stay tuned for tomorrow I will demo actually using them in my bible.

These are gorgeous water-soluble colors that add a beautiful watercolor effect to your bible journaling.  I found them on Amazon here:

For those curious about bible journals, there are many out there! Basically, the difference between a bible journal bible and a regular bible is the wide margins where you can write notes, journal, or create art. I got mine here:





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