90 DAY Spiritual Fitness Challenge

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90 Day Spiritual Fitness Challenge- creating Life-Giving habits by inviting God into our Everyday

Welcome + Plan

Happy New Year! I am so very excited that you have joined me this January for the very first spiritual fitness challenge!

We all have 5 minutes every single day. In 2018, why not focus on spending just 5 minutes every day developing life-giving habits that strengthen our spiritual and physical muscles?  

A few details:

  • Anyone can do this! Moms, dads, and kids! Please involve your kids in this. In my family, I like to call it  , "First Things First". This comes from Matthew 6:33 that says, "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." Seek first His Kingdom and everything else will be added to you, it will work out!  
  • It doesn't matter where you start. Just start somewhere! This is means with reading your bible (spiritual part)  and with moving (fitness part) of this challenge.  Oh, and DON'T GIVE UP! Stay steadfast even when it gets tough!!!
  • We all know that “every day” really means “most days” right? At least, it does around here!  If you are committed and eager to get your time in with the Lord, do it! If you forget a couple of times your alarm didn't go off,  or life just got in the way one day, give yourself grace, don't just don't give up. Get in your time with the Lord and your move time (5 minutes minimum) at some point in the day.  Know there will be surprises who finish strong

Just a little reminder on how this works:

There are 2 components of this challenge; the Spiritual challenge and the Fitness challenge.

 Spiritual Fitness:

  1.   You register below (it’s free!), and you will have access of daily devotionals, scriputures, fitness tips, and sample workouts through the 90 days.  Also by signing up, you enter to win super fun freebies at the end of the challenge!  (emails will be randomly drawn for the chance to win)
  1.     You commit to make your appointment, spending time with the Lord, FIRST thing in the morning for a minimum of 5 minutes.  You choose how this looks for you,

       Examples include:

  • Reading from the Bible (just min of 5 min, dont make it complicated!). I have started Day 1 in Psalms and then skipped next to reading the first chapter in Proverbs to get a little more wisdom in my life ;)
  • Praise and Prayer- listen to your favorite worship songs. I have many favorites that I will list soon!
  • Scripture memorizing- You pick any scripture and meditate on it, practicing saying it outloud, write it down, test yourself and see if you can memorize the verse!  Declare this over and over so that it is imprinted not only in your mind but in your heart.
  • Prayer- simply asking God to come along side you today, to fill you up, to let your eyes, ears, and heart be open to what He has for you today and every day. You can start with praying Psalm 143:8 to start your day.

3) Journal: Write down 5 things (minimum) that you are grateful for today.  You can certainly write down more as you are led, but have these things written down in ink so that when you're having a hard day, when your you feel like everything/everyone is coming against you, when you are struggling, you can always go back and be reminded of all of these things God has placed in your life that you hold so dear, that you are so grateful for. 



Physical Fitness:

  1. Spend 5 minutes (minimum) JUST MOVING!  Pick something you preferably enjoy!  

Examples include: Walking, running, jogging, biking, swimming, jump rope, dancing with your kids. Anything that gets your heart rate higher than usual!

Celebrate! You did it!  Now, in your journal, make sure you write the date of your first entry!  

Great job!

Many Blessings! 

Brittany Frey

'Makin Jesus Famous'

Romans 1:16

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  • This is so great! I’m in:) Thank you thank you!!

    Julie Hall

  • Love this! I’m ready for the challenge!


  • Such a great idea. Thank you for leading this?

    Tika Sampract

  • Thanks for the prayer verse. An idea came to me! You know those rubber bracelets; put some of your sayings on them!! It’d be a super fun addition to your T-shirt’s!!!

    Kathy White

  • I’m ready for this!


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