4 Verses to Pray for Your Son to be a Man of God

4 Scriptures to Pray for Your Son to be a Man of God

Prayer has kept me connected when I have been lost and didn't know what to do or what to say. Praying God’s Word for my son reminded me of His many promises and has fueled my faith. At times, I had just enough faith to believe He would be true to His word, and so I have prayed it back to Him continuously and he continues to show His faithfulness.

On my knees, God gave me peace. On my knees, God gave me comfort.

On my knees, God met my needs, healed my heart, and increased my belief in His goodness … and over time, God has used my prayers to change the heart of my son. I declare and believe it.

Prayer is the fuel of motherhood. It’s what puts you back together when you feel like you have fallen apart and lost hope.

I pray because I don’t have all the answers. I pray because I’m lost and can’t see the big picture. I pray because I’m desperate for a word-touch from the God who made me and because I can’t do this life thing without his direction. I pray because I don’t know how to raise my son to be the godly man that I dream that he can be, but I serve the God who does. Believing that has changed my life.

The prayers I pray most for my son;

  1. That he would be a man of God
  2. A man of Purpose
  3. A Servant Leader
  4. A man of Integrity

These things are more important to me than education, money, family, or fame … more important than anything else I can think of. These are  my dreams for God to make my son into a great man, and to be an extraordinary man, he must be men of God. So let’s start there.


Hope that blesses you as it has blessed me!

Love & Grace,



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  • Fred Ayres on

    I grew up with a godly grandma. One of the things she taught me was the dangers of alcohol & smoking. College was some of the best years ever. I studied and worked hard and never drank or smoked – I was outside the norm, but I graduated (Grandma prayed I would be a doctor which motivated me to succeed. ). Thank God when I lived the prodigal life, I had a praying grandma. Several times I could have died – but I had a praying G-Ma.
    When my marriage and life fell apart, I was hopeless and alone – but I had a praying G-Ma. Her words from childhood came to me and I found Jesus – OH thank God for a prayin’ Grandma. Love you grandma – can’t wait to see you again.

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